Our Ministries

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

– John 13:34-35

Sunday Service


Time: Sunday, 10:00am

Sunday worships are now fully open in church.

Should you ever miss the Sunday service, you may also find it

on the “Sunday Service” page.

(Youth and children may join RAC English worship online.)

Life Groups

Our life groups meet at different time and locations. We learn and grow together, care for one another, pray and support one another, we are privileged to walk our life journey together in God’s truth and His love.

Please click the card of the life group you wish to join to send an email directly to the group leader. We look forward to hearing from you.

Canaan Group

Contact person – Joe Lam

We are a group of Cantonese speaking brothers and sisters who came from different countries. We learn to love each other and build our relationship through various group activities and events. We meet to worship together through singing praises to the Lord, study the Bible, share and pray, and experience God together. We sincerely welcome you to be part of us.

Career Group

Contact person – Hannah Zhao

We are a group of young career people who work in different field but love one another in Christ. We communicate and grow in faith through learning God’s words together. We also lead people to come to know Christ through our testimony and our gatherings.

Sisters Group

Contact person – Grace Xie, Lian Liu

This is the group where sisters in Christ may learn together, grow together, love one another, encourage one another, at the same time, share our joy and sadness to support one another in our walk with God.

Family Group

Contact person – Gigi

We are a group of “young” parents. Our group activities are mainly focused on how to grow as husbands and wives, teach and raise children, as well as building families under the biblical principles which glorify God and benefit people. We work hard to raise our children to be God-loving and people-caring generation.


Youth and Children Ministries

Our children attend Sunday school of our mother church at the same location. Please visit the links of Rexdale Alliance Church for children.

Our youth will attend our Sunday school.


Young Adult Ministry

We are in the process of planning our own Young Adult Ministry. Meanwhile, our young adults attend activities and events provided by our mother church. Please visit the link of Rexdale Alliance Church.


Senior Ministry

We are at the preparation stage for this ministry, and we look forward to having more seniors to join us.


Community Outreach

We have outreach gatherings every Friday night at 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm at Humber College during school year.

Once every month Humber College outreach ministry meets at our church on Saturday night at 5:30-8:30. There are also outdoor activities throughout the year. We welcome high school, college, university students and young career people to join us to discuss our belief, and to seek for the true meaning of life. In addition, please join us for great food and unload the pressure in life.

Prayer Ministry

We gather at our Pastor’s house every Tuesday night at 7:30-9:00. We learn to care and pray for our church, for brothers and sisters, and for the world. We experience God’s faithfulness and His mighty power in seeing God answers our prayers.

Discipleship Training

We hold different discipleship training groups for different age groups at different time and locations. This is a place where one can grow through learning and discussing with others. We desire to grow in our knowledge as well as experiencing the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the joy and blessings He gives us, in order that we can become the channel to share God’s love.


Adult Ministries

Our adult ministries include young career group and life groups held during the week. We also have adult Education sessions held twice every year on Sunday afternoon between 1:30 and 3:00.

(This study is temporarily discontinued due to COVID-19 pandemic.)


2020 Adult Sunday School

Lesson Content
Lesson 1 What is the Bible?
Lesson 2 How to use the Bible?
Lesson 3 How was the Bible written?
Lesson 4 How true is the Bible?
Lesson 5 History and make of the Bible
Lesson 6 Pentateuch (1) – Genesis
Lesson 7 Pentateuch (2) – The Israelites
Lesson 8 Pentateuch (3) – Exodus – Deuteronomy
Lesson 9 Historical book of the Bible (1)
Lesson 10 Historical book of the Bible (2)
Lesson 11 Historical book of the Bible (3)
Lesson 12 Psalm and Wisdom Literature
Lesson 13 The Book of the Prophets (1)
Lesson 14 The Book of the Prophets (2)
Lesson 15 The Background of the New Testament
Lesson 16 Four Gospels
Lesson 17 The Book of Acts
Lesson 18 Epistles to Churches and to Individuals
Lesson 19 the Book of Philippians
Lesson 20 Revelation